Natural breast augmentation through creative visualization

Creative visualization could well be one of the best alternatives for expensive breast surgery. During a scientific study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 35 women had to follow a hypnosis session for 12 weeks. The participating women had to imagine that warm water flowed over their breasts and that they started to swell under the heat of a heat lamp. The sessions were recorded and the women had to listen to it every day. After 12 weeks, natural breast augmentation could be measured in 84% of women; 46% even had to buy a larger bra. The increase in breast size was not related to weight changes and / or the monthly periods.

The well-known Doctor Love has also done research on this. The participants had to lie down relaxed and imagine that their breasts were growing. After they had done this every day for twelve weeks, half of the participants had to buy a bigger bra. Their mind was so powerful enough to trigger the hormonal changes that are necessary for natural breast enlargement. Women who were skeptical about the possibilities of creative visualization turned out to have the worst results.

How it works

Creative visualization works because your brain can not distinguish the difference between what you imagine and what really happens. That is why it responds to the images you create as if it were real.

You probably already heard about phantom limbs. Phantom or phantom limbs are amputated arms or legs that the patient still feels. Doctor VS Ramachandran, responsible for the neuroscience department at the University of San Diego, has devised a method of creative visualization to deceive the patient’s brain. He placed mirrors in such a way that the patient saw himself with two healthy arms. The mind was indeed kicked and the pain disappeared.

Exercise for nicer breasts

Find a quiet place where you can relax for five minutes. Imagine that there is a hot, wet towel on your breasts. Try to imagine as vividly as possible that your breasts under the towel become larger. Do this daily and maybe after 12 weeks you will have to buy a bigger bra.

If you are not sure enough to do this exercise on your own, you can still buy a hypnosis CD that is intended for natural breast enlargement.

Tips for Treating your Warts on your Hands or Feet

Do you suffer from one or more warts on your hands or feet? Then you probably want to get rid of this as soon as possible. helpful site, Read on quickly to find out how to do this.

Warts in short

Warts are small thickening on the skin that often feels rough. They can occur anywhere on the body, but hands and feet are the most common places.

Treating warts with salicylic acid

Staining agents with salicylic acid are also available. These help you to get rid of your warts by softening the wart layer by layer. How many treatments are needed depends on how deep the wart is in your skin. Salicylic acid is skin-repellent and can irritate the skin around the wart. For this reason, therefore, lubricate the skin with zinc ointment or vaseline.

Home remedies against warts

There are many home remedies against warts. However, the effect of these means has not been proven. However, there are many people who have positive experiences with it.


Examples of remedies that you probably have in your kitchen cabinets:

1. Baking soda
Baking soda, not to be confused with baking powder, has an antibacterial effect. Mix with some water, apply to the wart and allow to dry.

2. Garlic
Garlic has an antibacterial and antiviral effect. Lubricate the wart every day with freshly cut or pressed garlic.

3. Lemon juice
Lemon juice has a drying and softening effect, contains vitamin C and is antibacterial. Lubricate lemon juice daily on the wart and let it soak for 30 minutes.

4. Aloe vera
Aloe vera helps against all kinds of skin conditions and warts are no exception. Coat the wart with aloe vera gel and cover with a plaster.

5. Vitamin C
Grind a vitamin C tablet into powder. Then mix with a little bit of water to make a thick paste and apply to the wart. Then cover with a plaster.

The handy pen applicator with formic acid

An effective way to treat your warts yourself is formic acid. You touch the warts with this, after which the warts dry out and disappear. This medicine is available from the pharmacist, for example in the form of a handy pen applicator.

Because this product is painless without proper use, it can also be used for children. In children, only 2 or 3 treatments are often required before the wart has disappeared. Adults usually need 5 – 15 treatments. This depends on where the wart is on your body and how old the wart is.

In several clinical studies, formic acid has been shown to be particularly effective against warts. In one of the studies, the warts in 9 out of 10 participants had disappeared after a maximum of 12 treatments with formic acid. The warts disappeared on average after 4-5 treatments. In addition, the pen is specially designed to remove warts easily and with great precision. The applicator automatically releases the correct dose when you press the tip against the wart. The use of the pen takes only a few seconds per week: the treatment does not cause additional stress and you do not have to interrupt your activities.

Preparing yourself for a cosmetic operation

In this blog post you can read which steps you have to take in the weeks prior to your cosmetic or plastic operation. A good preparation for a cosmetic operation is important for a successful recovery and an optimal result.

Note: the information below is general in nature. The clinic where you undergo the surgery will provide you with information that is tailored to your specific intervention. In addition, you will in many cases get a consultant appointed by the clinic. This is pre-eminently the person to approach with questions about the preparation.

> 1 month before the operation

Before you undergo the surgery it is important that you are physically and mentally ready for the operation. Therefore, try to get a clear picture of the procedure in the months to weeks before the operation. Most clinics will provide you with operation information. For example in the form of a folder. In addition, you will also find extensive information on Oh My Moobs about most cosmetic treatments . Read this information well and in good time so that you will not face any surprises. Is something not clear or do you have questions? Then contact your doctor.

6-3 weeks before the operation – stop smoking

Most doctors will advise you to stop smoking 6 to 3 weeks before the operation. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and thereby increases the risk of complications during and after the operation. Also the first weeks after the operation it is wise not to smoke.

2-1 weeks before the operation – stop drinking alcohol

Stop drinking alcohol completely. Alcohol thins the blood and can therefore cause complications, such as bleeding or poorer wound healing. Note: there are also doctors who advise stopping drinking just 48 hours in advance.

7 days to 3 days before the operation – stop using blood thinners

If you use blood thinners, you will have to discontinue use in the week prior to the operation. Most doctors use the following advice:

    • 7 days before the operation: stop aspirin (Ascal, APC & asprobruis)
    • 3 days before the operation: stop sintrom (mitis)
    • 2 days before the operation – put your house in order
  • It may be wise to complete household tasks as much as possible for the intervention. Consider, for example, doing groceries, cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

Also make sure you have enough comfortable clothes and buy icepacks. You can use this to reduce any swelling.

It may be wise to purchase some magazines, books, CDs or films for the first days after the operation.

Last night before the operation

The last night before the surgery is stressful for many people. This way you can feel sick of the nerves and / or be irritated. In addition, many people have difficulty in sleeping.

Day of the operation

If you are anesthetized before the operation or receive a ‘scoward’, then you can usually no longer eat anything from midnight on the day of the operation.

In some cases, a few hours before the procedure, medication must be taken. If this is the case, you will receive instructions for this.

Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the operation. Most doctors will also advise you not to wear make-up or jewelry.


A good preparation is half the work, even for cosmetic operations this is certainly true. By preparing well you reduce the chance of complications and ensure a better and better end result.

Thin hair and hair falling out

Your hair is not just there to cover your scalp. It’s an indispensable part of your appearance. That’s why misty bush donsies have such an enormous influence on your self-esteem. Most women rightly feel that hair is very important for their appearance and self-esteem. It makes sense that hair loss is an intense experience. Experts explain that a certain amount of hair falling out – between 50 and 100 hair a day – is normal. Yet one in four women struggles at some point with excessive hair loss. If you struggle yourself with dunes that get thin and fall into bushes, you know the frustration.

What is the root of your hair problem?

Endocrinologist dr. Emilia Liao explains that 90% of hair loss problems are hereditary or the result of tension and can be treated with medication. Hormone changes are also to blame. Women usually notice hair loss after pregnancy and during menopause. Medication and infection are also possible factors. Ronig Vorster of Vigro explains that poor eating habits can cause severe hair loss. Lack of protein can force your hair into a resting phase. More than 30 diseases can further contribute to the problem.

The best advice and products for spicy hairs

Johannesburg hairdresser Alana King believes that you should look more holistic about the problem. If you struggle with little and fine hair additions are very important. The B group of vitamins and especially folic acid feed your hair from the inside. We recommend Hannon’s Anti-Hair Loss Capsules (R180 for 60) or Vital Hair, Skin & Nails (R70 for 30 capsules) .

“Do not wash your thin hair,” warns Tasha de Sousa hair stylist. When you refurbish through moist hair comb, start a wig teeth comb from the middle length to get rid of cakes. Comb out first from the roots.

Fine hairs are especially vulnerable to too much heat. Avoid a curling iron.

Fortunately, several hairstyles that are currently fashionable are flattering for thin hair. Very short, textured poetry styles (like Miley Cyrus’s) are high fashion, says Alana. Solid styles without layers, like a cushion with a crest, are white-hot. It creates the illusion that you have more hair. A style cut in layers can make hair look even thinner.

“Choose a style that requires the minimum styling,” says Also avoid ponytail because it places too much stress on the hair. Regularly cut long hair points for a healthier look. Blonde hair may look more thin, so consider a darker color.

House remedy against fungal nails on hands and feet

Onychomycosis, this is a strange word, but it refers to a fungal infection on hands and feet, also called lime or fungal nails. Fungi are micro-organisms, which in this case specifically affect the nails of hands and feet. However, we see them most often at the height of the feet, because they reproduce there more easily. Your feet often find themselves in a warm, humid environment, which is ideal for fungi. If you also suffer from sweaty feet, you have to pay extra attention.

Fungal infections do not always cause pain, so people often do not consult a doctor. The infections cause especially discomfort, such as itching, reddening and the skin that peels off on the spot. When we specifically look at the nails, people are mostly alarmed by visible changes in their appearance. They become darker, thicker, separate from the skin, are more vulnerable and have an unpleasant odor.

It is important to know that a fungal infection can become dangerous for people whose immune system is weakened by another condition. However, if your immune system works optimally, a fungus is not that bad, but it is very uncomfortable. We always recommend treating a condition as soon as possible, even if it does not immediately pose a threat to health. When you wait a long time, it will become increasingly difficult to solve the problem. The treatment will last longer and also be much more expensive.

Below we give you some home remedies against fungal nails at an early stage . However, if you have a mold on hands or feet that has been present for a long time and is quite bulky, consult a specialist.


Prevention is always the best option. Be careful with your personal hygiene and remember that microorganisms especially like dark, warm and humid places. So avoid creating this ideal environment and keep the nails of your hands and feet in good condition. Keep your nails short and clean. However, if you prefer to have them for a long time, you will have to pay more attention to their hygiene. Clean them regularly and do not forget to always dry them well. You can even use a hairdryer to do this. Also clean under your nails, but do not cause injuries, because molds make good use of this to enter the body through the wound. Do not share any items for personal hygiene, shoes, socks, etc. with others.

Medical treatment of fungal nails varies from local treatments to oral medication and, in severe cases, the removal of the nail. Below gives you some home remedies to fight fungal nails.


Immerse your feet for twenty minutes in a liter of warm water with a cup of apple vinegar. Then take your feet out and dry them thoroughly.

Baking powder

Make a mixture of baking powder and warm water. Apply it to the infected areas for a few minutes. Then clean thoroughly.


Grind an onion and apply the juice to the infected nail with a cotton swab. Let it work for half an hour. Then clean your feet and dry them thoroughly.

Oregano oil

Make a mixture of two drops of oregano oil and a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it directly to the infected nail.

These home remedies against fungal nails are best used for a few weeks, provided they do not cause negative reactions. If the symptoms of the fungal nail persist, consult a doctor.

Breast reduction surgery

It is understandable why men want to hide with enlarged breasts, but it is not a hopeless condition, because it is a treatable condition. Enlarged male breasts can be defeated with proper treatment. Men with female-if breasts have the options to get rid of an enlarged male breast with the treatment suitable for them. Here are some of the common treatments.

It is an expensive treatment and rarely covered by insurance, but it is an instant solution for men with female-like breasts. The expertise of the cosmetic surgeon is a big factor contributing to the success of the procedure, but not all surgeons are created equal, there are cases where patients are dissatisfied with the result. Cosmetic complaints can vary from scars to asymmetrical or uneven breasts or nipples. Each operation poses risks in response to anesthesia, blood loss during and after surgery and infections. While breast reduction surgery is the common cosmetic procedure now, you need to be careful and do more research before subduing yourself under the knife. In addition to the source of the money for the operation, a careful study of the surgeon’s reputation or expertise and your state of health should be taken into consideration with great attention.

Herbal breast reduction treatment.

As a result of intensive research from leading medical scientists and nutritionists, herbal breast reduction treatment was developed to help men with female breast or gynecomastia cope with their condition without the risks of costly breast reduction surgery. The vegetable ingredients target the fat cells in the mammary glands to reduce breasts size. Herbal treatments are not that expensive and risky operation, but it takes time and dedication to see the results you want. Before you start an herbal treatment, it is best to consult your doctor, especially if his health.

For men with female-like breasts, dealing with gynecomastia is not easy, but every problem has its Titan Gel solution. It is up to you to find the best solution that will work for you, but it is always best to explore non-surgical options to avoid the risks of the surgery.

The growth and maintenance of the beard

The beard, Often occurring in men, but also a single woman can develop a light to heavy beard growth. The beard is the name for hair on the chin, upper lip and on the cheeks. remedies for facial hair growth

Sex characteristics

The beard is part of the secondary sex characteristics in the male. This means that you can see a beard growth whether it is a man or a woman: a man has beard growth. The beard grows on the cheeks, the upper lip and on the chin. When the man shaves his beard and leaves only the hair on his upper lip, one speaks of a mustache. However, the mustache is part of the beard.


One of the sex hormones is testosterone, a hormone that occurs in both men and women. This hormone has the supremacy in men and regulates, among other things, beard growth. During puberty, these hormones develop, which also starts the first beard growth. The first hairs are downy hairs, these are soft hairs. This can be compared to baby hair: this is also very soft in the beginning. When the hair grows, it becomes harder and firmer.

When the woman develops a beard growth, this is caused by a disruption of sex hormones, especially in and after menopause. Every woman also has testosterone but this is suppressed. When there is a disruption, testosterone will gain the upper hand, causing beard growth. For a woman, this is very annoying. Usually she will shave the hair at home, epilation, bleaching, waxing etc. However, this is all but temporary, the hair will come back again and again. In order to get rid of it permanently, you will have to undergo laser treatment, possibly combined with drugs that have to reduce the testosterone.

Care of the beard

Anyone who does nothing to maintain his beard will see that it continues to grow to a certain point. One man gets a long beard, the other does not go beyond a few centimeters. This is genetically determined, has to do with the life of each hair and also with the human race. Indians, for example, barely get a beard growth, whereas the European varieties have a strong beard growth.

Most men shave their beards. This can be done with a shaver or with a razor blade. Use a razor blade in combination with shaving foam that you apply to wet skin. Preferably shave immediately after showering, because the hairs are softer and the pores are open. This makes shaving easier. Always shave in the direction of beard growth, this will prevent you from getting shaving. Finally, it is still possible to shave lightly against the beard growth direction. Do this carefully. Rinse the skin well with lukewarm water if you have used shaving foam. With a shaver, the principle of shaving is the same, but of course you do not use shaving foam.

Shaving with a shaver is called dry shaving with razor blades hot wet shaving.

Cut the beard

It is best to trim your beard with a beard trimmer. Usually it also has various comb attachments that allow you to determine the length yourself. If you really want to grow your beard for a long time, you will no longer have a beard trimmer. Then cut the points regularly with sharp scissors, making the beard look fuller. Comb the beard completely with a coarse comb and moisten it. Cut the points nicely evenly. Comb in the middle of the beard tightly. In the beginning, cut a small piece and assess the result first.


In the past there were many barbers: they were busy shaving or cutting the beard. Nowadays you do not see them much anymore. But also a hairdresser often cuts or trims beards. First ask for it. Not every hairdresser wants to do this. Easy Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair

Losing fat while Maintaining Muscle Mass!

Many athletes have two goals. On the one hand they naturally want to build muscle mass – because nothing is as satisfying as huge biceps . On the other hand, however, they also want to lose fat. You see little of those abdominal muscles when there is still a soft layer over it.

The problem? These two objectives make it difficult for each other! Those who lose fat often lose muscle mass automatically. How that is, discusses extensively in today’s blog. In addition, we give you some practical tips for losing fat with as much muscle mass as possible!

Fat loss vs weight loss

An important point to start with is the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Many people say that they want to ‘lose weight’. However, that is a pretty meaningless statement. Losing weight has little to do with losing fat: you can also lose weight by losing muscle, for example.

Conversely, fat burning does not always lighten. Muscles are heavier than fat. So you can become visibly slimmer, without actually noticing the difference on the scale.

The moral of this story is that you should not be desperately looking for weight loss in itself. You will also lose a lot of muscles, so you will not quickly look sleek and slim. Better go for fat loss.

A calorie deficit for fat loss

The craziest things are said about losing fat, but in the end only one thing works: a constant calorie deficit. Your body must then look for other energy sources and get energy from fat reserves. The disadvantage is that fat is not the only potential energy supplier. Muscle mass can also fulfill that role. medical weight loss

In other words, if you only manage a calorie deficit, you can also lose a lot of muscle mass. Not what you are waiting for! Fortunately, there are ways to still retain as much muscle mass as possible. This way you can lose fat without losing that sporty appearance immediately.

Vital Tips To Deal With Candida Infection

A relatively common condition is a candida infection. Fungal infections can manifest on different parts of your body.

Fungal infection nestles in your gut, but is also a common fungal infection of the skin and mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are located in your mouth and your genitals.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to get rid of a candida infection again.

What is a candida infection?

In this article I will give you tips to get rid of different types of fungal infections yourself. But before I give you the tips on how to get rid of a candida infection, it is important that you know what a fungal infection is and how it develops!

So that you are better able to prevent a fungal infection in the future.

Candida Albicans

The cause of a candida infection anywhere in your body is the so-called Candidiasis. This yeast normally occurs in small amounts in your intestines, in your mouth, on your skin and also on and in your genitals.

A nice old-fashioned term for the description of candida is a commensal, or a harmless guest organism, a boarder.

I find this a very striking description of the Candidiasis, as long as the yeast is unobtrusive, you will not be bothered by it and will enjoy eating the nutrients that are in your digestion.

As long as the good bacteria have the upper hand, you do not suffer from the Candidiasis. In addition to good bacteria keeping the Candidiasis under control, you also have your immune system backed up and can also regulate the growth of the Candidiasis.

Balance disturbed

So as long as all preconditions are in order, the Candidiasis will not expand and you will not be bothered by it. However, candida is always lurking and at the moment that the yeast is not controlled it will start to grow. This growth of candida causes you to suffer from a fungal infection.

Shortage of good bacteria

This growth can have a number of causes. Firstly, a disturbance of the balance of good and bad bacteria causes the candidagist to multiply, so the decrease of good bacteria causes the Candidiasis to grow unrestrained.

The cause of a shortage of good bacteria is usually a broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment , this cure kills a lot of the good bacteria and thus the competitor of the Candidiasis falls away.

Disruption of acidity

Another common cause of, for example, a vaginal yeast infection is too low acidity. Because the acidity drops above a PH value of about 4.5 (the more acidic the lower the pH value) the Candidiasis can also grow enormously.

On the other hand, you may also experience a fungal infection if you become acidic. This sounds contradictory but that is not the case. Where intruders can easily enter your body, for example in your stomach or through your mucous membranes, the body has an extra acidic barrier that stops the bacteria and viruses.

If this acidic environment is less acidic this is an ideal breeding ground for candida, which thrives best in a slightly acidic environment.

On the other hand, your body functions best when the light is basic. So in your body itself it is a lot less acid than in the aforementioned barriers.

So at certain places in the body the acidity must be as high as possible (with a low PH) to form a barrier, at other places in the body the acidity is lower than that preferred by the Candidiasis.

There are several reasons that cause your body acidifies , primarily will acidify your body like your liver, kidneys and lungs function less well. These are the organs with which your body can regulate acidity. A big factor in this is of course age, the function of your organs simply becomes less as you get older.

In addition, there are a lot of lifestyle factors that can lead to acidification. To know:

Excessive use of alcohol
Too little physical exercise
Eating too much sugar
Too much sport
Crash diets
Reduced resistance

A third important factor that encourages a fungal infection is of course a reduced resistance. The moment your resistance weakens, the regulating function of your immune system will decrease and the Candidiasis will get the chance to multiply

The causes of reduced resistance can be found in an underlying condition. Reduced resistance can be the result of shortages of vitamins or essential nutrients, but also a lack of a good night’s sleep can affect your immune system.

All causes that can lead to acidification can also lead to reduced resistance, especially stress is a big factor in your immune system.

Prevention fungal infection with fungicidal nutrition

On the first plate you can tackle the Candidiasis by eating foods that the Candidiasis cannot handle, the so-called fungicidal diet. This is food that naturally contains antifungal components.

Not only humans have to contend with fungi, plants also get sick of fungi.

These plants have developed all kinds of substances to get rid of fungi, a plant can not wash itself or just move, so a plant is dependent on substances that ensure that fungi do not survive on that plant.

We eat these plants again to enjoy the antifungal components.


Garlic has been known for thousands of years to have health-promoting properties. These properties have been researched and confirmed by the scientists. Research shows that garlic has strong antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is because garlic is full of allicin, the substance that gives the garlic its distinctive scent. The allicin from garlic immediately attacks candida when you eat it. So despite the fact that you can smell a lot of it out of your mouth, garlic is still the number 1 in the fight against candida.


A good alternative source of allicin, which will make you stink a lot less is onion. Research has also shown that onions have strong antifungal properties and that eating a lot of onion inhibits the growth of candida in the intestines.

Coconut oil

A comprehensive study from 2004 in which several types of Candidiasis have been investigated on how bad these yeasts are resistant to coconut oil has shown that especially the candida albicans , the major cause of fungal infections can be effectively controlled with undiluted coconut oil.

The reason why coconut oil is such a strong candidakiller is because of the large amounts of lauric acid and caprylic acid.


Cranberries also have a fungicidal effect by nature. Eating cranberries not only helps against the candida in your digestion. Research shows that the fungicidal properties of the cranberries are still intact when the substances have been processed into urine.


Ginger has also known for thousands of years that it has health-promoting properties. But recent studies also show that, for example, an extract of 10% from ginger can still be used as an antifungal medicine against, among others, candida albicans.

So if you sometimes suffer from a fungal infection it is a very good idea to add more fresh ginger to your diet more often, it is a very strong anti-fungal remedy that is still good too!

Olive oil

Particularly the large quantities of unsaturated fatty acids have a double effect on olive oil. Firstly, the unsaturated omega three fatty acids strengthen your health and your immune system. On the other hand, olive oil also has specific antifungal properties and in this way also tackles the candidagist directly.

The big advantage of olive oil is that you can also consume it more generously, in contrast to coconut oil where you really have to limit the intake to a spoon or two .

Olive oil is full of polyphenols that also have a fungicidal effect.

And it does not necessarily have to be olive oil to enjoy the antifungal properties, you can also just eat olives!

Prevent fungal infection by strengthening your intestinal flora
In addition, it is important that you help your own healthy gut bacteria, because the more good bacteria you have, the more difficult it is for the Candidagist to multiply.

The best way to strengthen your own intestinal flora is to take food with the so-called living cultures, the probiotics.

These are mainly bacteria of the lactobacillus acidophilus strain . These bacteria are important for good bowel function, these bacteria also ensure that the candidagist does not get the upper hand, the more acidophilus bacteria the less there is place for candida!

Organic yogurt

A very good source of good bacteria is low-fat organic yoghurt. Because yogurt is made on the basis of fermentation and at a relatively low temperature it is full of live bacteria.


Especially if you are not a big yogurt eater then a cup of Kefir is a good alternative. Kefir is also full of probiotics and it drinks much easier. The taste is also less strong than that of buttermilk.


A glass of old-fashioned buttermilk also contains enough living cultures to promote your intestinal flora.

Green Smoothies (Be careful with too much fruit)

For those who really like the fermented milk products to attack the taste buds, there is also something like drinking a green smoothie to give your resistance a boost! If you suffer from a candida infection that is quite an attack on your body, especially then it is important to get enough important nutrients.

Think of a green smoothie largely based on vegetables! So not too much fruit!

Preventing Candida infection by removing the fuel for the fungus
Another tactic is to avoid what serves as fuel for the candidagist. A Candidagist can only really thrive on sugar.

On the other hand, we can also get our nutrients from fats, proteins and more complex carbohydrates.

So you can let the candidagist starve. The beauty of this diet is that it is not only bad for the candidagist, it is also the right diet for your health.

Eat less sugar

It is with the saturated and trans fats the reason we have so many health problems, we eat too many sugars. So much so that we disrupt the normal healthy relationships of the intestinal flora.

And the strange thing is, the more unnatural the sugar the better the thrushagist thrives and the worse it is a good fuel for the human body.

Often it is the hidden sugars that ensure that you ingest too many sugars. Nobody would sprinkle a few large spoonfuls of sugar over the chicken leg, you just do not.

Yet this is what you eat when you do those tasty sauces with the chicken.

Especially the fear of fat and so mayonnaise is another reason to do other sauces over the chicken. To be very short it is all full of sugar! Also the ketchup! So leave all those sauces on the left.

The same applies to ALL processed foods, do you think that your beef sausage contains only raw beef? Not, therefore, to please your candidagist, there is dextrose even in the oxeye sausage , how unnatural do you want it to be?

Of course you can recognize sugar by the terms sugar, syrup or syrup, but the food industry knows that the consumer keeps an eye on the ingredient lists. Because the manufacturers are obliged to put on the labels what is in the product, the manufacturers try to mislead you by describing artificial sugars with difficult words in the hope that you do not recognize them

Specific tips against vaginal yeast infection

About three quarters of the women have ever had a vaginal yeast infection in her life. That is almost impossible because everyone carries the candidagist and everyone suffers from reduced resistance.

Another common cause of a fungal infection is that the acidity of the vagina gets disturbed, this can be done by using soap when washing the vagina, but sex can also be a cause of a disturbance of the acidity.

There are a number of natural tips that you can apply specifically in addition to the above general tips if you suffer from a vaginal yeast infection.

Do not use soap

Soap disrupts the natural balance of the vagina. So even though it may sound strange, your vaginal hygiene benefits if you do not use soap, but instead it only washes lukewarm water. In this way the acid barrier will remain or in case of a vaginal fungal infection the acidity will be in balance sooner.

Tea tree oil

Research has shown that the antibacterial and fungicidal effect of tea tree oil is also visible at the cellular level. In ordinary Dutch, tea tree oil damages the cell walls of the candida albicans yeast.

The advantage of tea tree oil is that it does not affect acidity.

It may in rare cases occur that you are allergic to tea tree oil, so before you use your tea tree oil you first have to test this. You can test this easily by applying a little tea tree oil to the skin.

By placing one or two drops of tea tree oil on a tampon, you can safely and more importantly dose the tea tree oil.

Vaginal probiotic capsules

Because you want the vaginal fungal infection to have the probiotics in your vagina that will kill the candidas fungus, but you do not want any other things in your vagina that can affect the acidity or perhaps provide extra bacteria, I advise you to use probiotic capsules. instead of yogurt.

Sometimes capsules are simply better, a vaginal fungal infection is such a situation.

Specific tips against male fungal infection
In addition to the coconut oil and tea tree oil, which also work well for men with a fungal infection, you can use a little griller as a man because you have to worry less about acidity.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide kills the fungal infection. Of course you have to be careful with this stuff and it should be a maximum of 3% strong. Apply a maximum of three times a day with a cotton swab and then pull it well.

Specific tips against skin rash

You can apply all of the above tips equally well in case of a fungal infection on the skin. An extra reason that you get a fungal infection in certain places on your skin is because it is extra warm and moist at those places , so under your arms or breasts, between your legs and in your buttock or your navel are all of those places on your skin where it can be extra sweltering.

Cotton underwear

In addition to all candida killing ointments, it is therefore important that you let the irritated areas ventilate as much as possible. A good tip is to wear cotton underwear instead of synthetic fabrics.


In the first place, you should try to support your body as much as possible by not opposing it with alcohol, cigarettes, trans fats and sugar. In addition, it is important that you ensure that you are not exposed to stress too much.

Cellulite Treatment With Citrus Oil

Recently I was tipped off that the treatment for cellulite utilizing citrus oil is a great way to get rid of the symptoms. I myself have studied the “females” problem for some years now (likewise men can get it) and I had actually declined it previously. It looks like a smart idea to scan the internet to see if it really is a miracle, or whether it is a resource that works improperly for a variety of individuals.

Exactly what does citrus oil do?

When I search the Internet for the word citrus oil, I immediately get different items tossed at my head. Naturally, this is not the wait. I wish to know what citrus oil does exactly.

The active ingredient is citrus oil ensures that the lymph system is stimulated. In an earlier short article, I described the correlation or connection between the lymph and cellulitis.

The lymph system makes sure, among other things, that your cells in your body get adequate nutrients so that your immune system is bombarded and the chance of getting ill decreases. The lymph system is straight connected to your entire body.

An essential quote:

“Since I believe that cleaning your body is necessary to decrease cellulite, promoting a healthy lymphatic system is incredibly important. Because the build-up of toxic substances, fat cells, and bad hormone housekeeping all add to your body’s capability to trigger cellulite.”

This suggests that when you promote the lymph system, you indirectly clean your body and neutralize build-ups of toxic substances, fat cells, and so on, which decreases cellulite.

So to enhance the lymph system, do I require citrus oil?

Citrus oil does indeed impact the condition of the lymph system, however, there are obviously a lot more issues that make sure a good working lymph.

Firstly, it is important to understand that the lymph fluid travels through your whole body through a system (similar to your capillary). The blood is pumped through the entire body through the heart muscle. The lymph fluid, unfortunately, has no muscle and so the fluid will have to be “pumped” through your body in a various way. The best way to do this is by moving a lot.

Hit 2 birds with one blow

Yes, you thought it. By exercising a lot you pump the lymph fluid through your entire body, however, at the very same time, you also burn fat cells when you move a lot. By just moving a little every day (exercise workouts) you will take on 2 elements that affect cellulite development, both an improperly working lymphatic system and build-up of fat cells.

Does citrus oil work?

Now to say that citrus oil is now the treatment against cellulite, I do not think it’s totally fair. However, I can not reject that this oil has a great impact on the lymph system, which avoids the accumulation of toxic substances and toxins in the body. It is a truth that cellulite can be triggered by toxic substances and the accumulation of fat cells, so when this is the case, citrus oil can certainly help.

But instead of using oil to deal with certain reasons for cellulite, I personally find a less smart idea. It is much better to do some workout every day and do specific sports workouts.

5 Brain Stimulation Activities

There are basic and enjoyable ways to stimulate the brain and promote brain functions. These 7 activities will assist you on your way!

1. Sports


Do you desire a much better functioning brain today? Do some exercise! Sports has lots of positive effects on the body and the brain. In this method it promotes blood circulation to the brain, which increases the oxygen supply. Also the production of hormones that you feel happy and energetic (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine) is stimulated. It is not necessary to do a long or intricate training: every form of physical activity, such as strolling or biking, currently contributes to a better functioning brain.

2. Play video games

Specific games can promote, promote and train the brain. Think about it as a muscle that can end up being stronger. By playing games, specific cognitive skills can be enhanced. These improved abilities will be available in handy in life. Games that contribute: Image puzzles, Technique video games, crosswords, card games, visualization puzzles or visual fallacies.

3. Meditation

Besides that meditation benefits the mind, it also trains the brain. Our brain is constantly thinking and can have up to 70,000 thoughts one day. It for that reason takes a lot of effort to think of absolutely nothing throughout meditation, which in itself is a training!
The positive results of meditation are: decreased tension, improved memory, improved state of mind and increased concentration.

4. Drawing

Drawing and painting are activities that promote the innovative parts of the brain. Activities that stimulate the creative parts are associated with a much better mood and believing capability. So get those pencils once again and start triggering your innovative parts.

5. Composing

Composing can enhance lots of brain functions and promotes the expression of ideas. Composing articles, blog sites or a diary are examples of activities that add to this. Writing by hand strengthens the memory much more than typing. That is why it is typically suggested to write summaries by hand (you remember it better!).
That is since the brain also tape-records the motions when writing by hand. This means that the text is registered in a different method, so that you remember it better.

15 Useful Tips For People Sensitive To Wasps or Bees

Tips Against Wasps & Bees Infection

1. Prevent picnics and barbecues. Sweets, beer, charcuterie etc. bring in wasps. Cover sweet food. Never leave cans with sodas open and never ever drink from a can of soda. If there is a wasp, it can stick in the mouth or throat.

2. Avoid the environment of the trash bin and fallen fruit on which wasps are fondled.

3. Avoid physical work where you end up being sweaty. Sweat draws in bees and wasps. Make certain that your upper body is covered and do not walk with a sweaty or damp body or sunbathe (this is likewise not recommended to avoid sunburn).

4. If you need to shave hedges, operate in undergrowth or on gutters or in an old attic, very first check that there is no wasp nest in the area. Prevent the environment of beehives and flowerbeds in flower.

5. Never ever stroll barefoot through a lawn. Bees are fond of the flowers of clover and daisies, and wasps can have a nest in the ground. Wear gloves when working on flowers or plants. Be careful when picking fruit.

6. Do not wear vibrantly colored or black clothing or clothing with large floral themes. White, green and light brown is the least attractive for insects.

7. Avoid scented fragrances, antiperspirant, aftershave, hairspray and sun cream. They bring in bees and wasps. Use odorless care products.

8. Do not kill any bee or wasp near the nest. This will draw in peers. Likewise, never aim to eliminate a wasp’s nest yourself, however, contact the fire department.

9. Avoid abrupt motions when there is a wasp or near. In case of a hazard, bees, and wasps different compounds that attract their own species and motivate them to stab. Make sure never ever to eliminate a pest that has actually been put on your body, but shoot it with a finger.

10. If you are stung, remain calm. It is typical for minor swelling, inflammation, and itching to occur.

11. Examine whether the stinger is still present. When it comes to wasp stings, the sting is seldom left. Remove it thoroughly and as quickly as possible. This is best made with a scraping movement with a credit card or fingernail. After all, with a set of tweezers, you risk of flattening the toxin bladder flat, as a result of which the toxin is injected further.

12. Rinse the stitch with cold water. Any nuisance after a stitch can be softened by cooling the skin. This can be made with wet (cool) compresses, with a cold pack or ice cubes (not straight on the skin).
Do not scratch or rub. In case of really extreme discomfort, an analgesic cream may be used to the location.
With a sting in the mouth, ice or fresh water can be kept in the mouth.

13. Emergency situation medical intervention is always essential for an insect sting in the mouth or throat when you have received numerous stitches at the same time. Likewise, when signs (pain, swelling …) occur at a distance from the slot, you ought to go to an emergency situation service or to your medical professional.

14. People who have actually already had a serious basic reaction in the past must always have an adrenalin (Epiphen) emergency kit at their disposal from spring to summer season so that they can inject it immediately if they are stung. Ask your medical professional about this and discover the best ways to inject the item. An antihistamine (which is likewise utilized for hay fever) slows the reaction but is insufficient to prevent any shock.

If you do not have an emergency set at hand, you need to go to a physician or emergency service as soon as possible if there are signs of a serious and generalized reaction (anaphylaxis). Symptoms take place within 20 minutes after the stitch, such as a swollen tongue, comprehensive skin rash and/ or swelling, fast pulse, shortness of breath etc.

15. If you have a tested allergic reaction to wasps or bees, it is best to follow a hyposensitization treatment. This makes you permanently insensitive to the insect toxin. Make sure to discuss this with your doctor.