5 Brain Stimulation Activities

There are basic and enjoyable ways to stimulate the brain and promote brain functions. These 7 activities will assist you on your way!

1. Sports


Do you desire a much better functioning brain today? Do some exercise! Sports has lots of positive effects on the body and the brain. In this method it promotes blood circulation to the brain, which increases the oxygen supply. Also the production of hormones that you feel happy and energetic (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine) is stimulated. It is not necessary to do a long or intricate training: every form of physical activity, such as strolling or biking, currently contributes to a better functioning brain.

2. Play video games

Specific games can promote, promote and train the brain. Think about it as a muscle that can end up being stronger. By playing games, specific cognitive skills can be enhanced. These improved abilities will be available in handy in life. Games that contribute: Image puzzles, Technique video games, crosswords, card games, visualization puzzles or visual fallacies.

3. Meditation

Besides that meditation benefits the mind, it also trains the brain. Our brain is constantly thinking and can have up to 70,000 thoughts one day. It for that reason takes a lot of effort to think of absolutely nothing throughout meditation, which in itself is a training!
The positive results of meditation are: decreased tension, improved memory, improved state of mind and increased concentration.

4. Drawing

Drawing and painting are activities that promote the innovative parts of the brain. Activities that stimulate the creative parts are associated with a much better mood and believing capability. So get those pencils once again and start triggering your innovative parts.

5. Composing

Composing can enhance lots of brain functions and promotes the expression of ideas. Composing articles, blog sites or a diary are examples of activities that add to this. Writing by hand strengthens the memory much more than typing. That is why it is typically suggested to write summaries by hand (you remember it better!).
That is since the brain also tape-records the motions when writing by hand. This means that the text is registered in a different method, so that you remember it better.