Preparing yourself for a cosmetic operation

In this blog post you can read which steps you have to take in the weeks prior to your cosmetic or plastic operation. A good preparation for a cosmetic operation is important for a successful recovery and an optimal result.

Note: the information below is general in nature. The clinic where you undergo the surgery will provide you with information that is tailored to your specific intervention. In addition, you will in many cases get a consultant appointed by the clinic. This is pre-eminently the person to approach with questions about the preparation.

> 1 month before the operation

Before you undergo the surgery it is important that you are physically and mentally ready for the operation. Therefore, try to get a clear picture of the procedure in the months to weeks before the operation. Most clinics will provide you with operation information. For example in the form of a folder. In addition, you will also find extensive information on Oh My Moobs about most cosmetic treatments . Read this information well and in good time so that you will not face any surprises. Is something not clear or do you have questions? Then contact your doctor.

6-3 weeks before the operation – stop smoking

Most doctors will advise you to stop smoking 6 to 3 weeks before the operation. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and thereby increases the risk of complications during and after the operation. Also the first weeks after the operation it is wise not to smoke.

2-1 weeks before the operation – stop drinking alcohol

Stop drinking alcohol completely. Alcohol thins the blood and can therefore cause complications, such as bleeding or poorer wound healing. Note: there are also doctors who advise stopping drinking just 48 hours in advance.

7 days to 3 days before the operation – stop using blood thinners

If you use blood thinners, you will have to discontinue use in the week prior to the operation. Most doctors use the following advice:

    • 7 days before the operation: stop aspirin (Ascal, APC & asprobruis)
    • 3 days before the operation: stop sintrom (mitis)
    • 2 days before the operation – put your house in order
  • It may be wise to complete household tasks as much as possible for the intervention. Consider, for example, doing groceries, cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

Also make sure you have enough comfortable clothes and buy icepacks. You can use this to reduce any swelling.

It may be wise to purchase some magazines, books, CDs or films for the first days after the operation.

Last night before the operation

The last night before the surgery is stressful for many people. This way you can feel sick of the nerves and / or be irritated. In addition, many people have difficulty in sleeping.

Day of the operation

If you are anesthetized before the operation or receive a ‘scoward’, then you can usually no longer eat anything from midnight on the day of the operation.

In some cases, a few hours before the procedure, medication must be taken. If this is the case, you will receive instructions for this.

Wear comfortable clothing on the day of the operation. Most doctors will also advise you not to wear make-up or jewelry.


A good preparation is half the work, even for cosmetic operations this is certainly true. By preparing well you reduce the chance of complications and ensure a better and better end result.