Losing fat while Maintaining Muscle Mass!

Many athletes have two goals. On the one hand they naturally want to build muscle mass – because nothing is as satisfying as huge biceps . On the other hand, however, they also want to lose fat. You see little of those abdominal muscles when there is still a soft layer over it.

The problem? These two objectives make it difficult for each other! Those who lose fat often lose muscle mass automatically. How that is, Weightyz discusses extensively in today’s blog. In addition, we give you some practical tips for losing fat with as much muscle mass as possible!

Fat loss vs weight loss

An important point to start with is the difference between fat loss and weight loss. Many people say that they want to ‘lose weight’. However, that is a pretty meaningless statement. Losing weight has little to do with losing fat: you can also lose weight by losing muscle, for example.

Conversely, fat burning does not always lighten. Muscles are heavier than fat. So you can become visibly slimmer, without actually noticing the difference on the scale.

The moral of this story is that you should not be desperately looking for weight loss in itself. You will also lose a lot of muscles, so you will not quickly look sleek and slim. Better go for fat loss.

A calorie deficit for fat loss

The craziest things are said about losing fat, but in the end only one thing works: a constant calorie deficit. Your body must then look for other energy sources and get energy from fat reserves. The disadvantage is that fat is not the only potential energy supplier. Muscle mass can also fulfill that role. medical weight loss

In other words, if you only manage a calorie deficit, you can also lose a lot of muscle mass. Not what you are waiting for! Fortunately, there are ways to still retain as much muscle mass as possible. This way you can lose fat without losing that sporty appearance immediately.