Vital Tips To Deal With Candida Infection

A relatively common condition is a candida infection. Fungal infections can manifest on different parts of your body.

Fungal infection nestles in your gut, but is also a common fungal infection of the skin and mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are located in your mouth and your genitals.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to get rid of a candida infection again.

What is a candida infection?

In this article I will give you tips to get rid of different types of fungal infections yourself. But before I give you the tips on how to get rid of a candida infection, it is important that you know what a fungal infection is and how it develops!

So that you are better able to prevent a fungal infection in the future.

Candida Albicans

The cause of a candida infection anywhere in your body is the so-called Candidiasis. This yeast normally occurs in small amounts in your intestines, in your mouth, on your skin and also on and in your genitals.

A nice old-fashioned term for the description of candida is a commensal, or a harmless guest organism, a boarder.

I find this a very striking description of the Candidiasis, as long as the yeast is unobtrusive, you will not be bothered by it and will enjoy eating the nutrients that are in your digestion.

As long as the good bacteria have the upper hand, you do not suffer from the Candidiasis. In addition to good bacteria keeping the Candidiasis under control, you also have your immune system backed up and can also regulate the growth of the Candidiasis.

Balance disturbed

So as long as all preconditions are in order, the Candidiasis will not expand and you will not be bothered by it. However, candida is always lurking and at the moment that the yeast is not controlled it will start to grow. This growth of candida causes you to suffer from a fungal infection.

Shortage of good bacteria

This growth can have a number of causes. Firstly, a disturbance of the balance of good and bad bacteria causes the candidagist to multiply, so the decrease of good bacteria causes the Candidiasis to grow unrestrained.

The cause of a shortage of good bacteria is usually a broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment , this cure kills a lot of the good bacteria and thus the competitor of the Candidiasis falls away.

Disruption of acidity

Another common cause of, for example, a vaginal yeast infection is too low acidity. Because the acidity drops above a PH value of about 4.5 (the more acidic the lower the pH value) the Candidiasis can also grow enormously.

On the other hand, you may also experience a fungal infection if you become acidic. This sounds contradictory but that is not the case. Where intruders can easily enter your body, for example in your stomach or through your mucous membranes, the body has an extra acidic barrier that stops the bacteria and viruses.

If this acidic environment is less acidic this is an ideal breeding ground for candida, which thrives best in a slightly acidic environment.

On the other hand, your body functions best when the light is basic. So in your body itself it is a lot less acid than in the aforementioned barriers.

So at certain places in the body the acidity must be as high as possible (with a low PH) to form a barrier, at other places in the body the acidity is lower than that preferred by the Candidiasis.

There are several reasons that cause your body acidifies , primarily will acidify your body like your liver, kidneys and lungs function less well. These are the organs with which your body can regulate acidity. A big factor in this is of course age, the function of your organs simply becomes less as you get older.

In addition, there are a lot of lifestyle factors that can lead to acidification. To know:

Excessive use of alcohol
Too little physical exercise
Eating too much sugar
Too much sport
Crash diets
Reduced resistance

A third important factor that encourages a fungal infection is of course a reduced resistance. The moment your resistance weakens, the regulating function of your immune system will decrease and the Candidiasis will get the chance to multiply

The causes of reduced resistance can be found in an underlying condition. Reduced resistance can be the result of shortages of vitamins or essential nutrients, but also a lack of a good night’s sleep can affect your immune system.

All causes that can lead to acidification can also lead to reduced resistance, especially stress is a big factor in your immune system.

Prevention fungal infection with fungicidal nutrition

On the first plate you can tackle the Candidiasis by eating foods that the Candidiasis cannot handle, the so-called fungicidal diet. This is food that naturally contains antifungal components.

Not only humans have to contend with fungi, plants also get sick of fungi.

These plants have developed all kinds of substances to get rid of fungi, a plant can not wash itself or just move, so a plant is dependent on substances that ensure that fungi do not survive on that plant.

We eat these plants again to enjoy the antifungal components.


Garlic has been known for thousands of years to have health-promoting properties. These properties have been researched and confirmed by the scientists. Research shows that garlic has strong antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is because garlic is full of allicin, the substance that gives the garlic its distinctive scent. The allicin from garlic immediately attacks candida when you eat it. So despite the fact that you can smell a lot of it out of your mouth, garlic is still the number 1 in the fight against candida.


A good alternative source of allicin, which will make you stink a lot less is onion. Research has also shown that onions have strong antifungal properties and that eating a lot of onion inhibits the growth of candida in the intestines.

Coconut oil

A comprehensive study from 2004 in which several types of Candidiasis have been investigated on how bad these yeasts are resistant to coconut oil has shown that especially the candida albicans , the major cause of fungal infections can be effectively controlled with undiluted coconut oil.

The reason why coconut oil is such a strong candidakiller is because of the large amounts of lauric acid and caprylic acid.


Cranberries also have a fungicidal effect by nature. Eating cranberries not only helps against the candida in your digestion. Research shows that the fungicidal properties of the cranberries are still intact when the substances have been processed into urine.


Ginger has also known for thousands of years that it has health-promoting properties. But recent studies also show that, for example, an extract of 10% from ginger can still be used as an antifungal medicine against, among others, candida albicans.

So if you sometimes suffer from a fungal infection it is a very good idea to add more fresh ginger to your diet more often, it is a very strong anti-fungal remedy that is still good too!

Olive oil

Particularly the large quantities of unsaturated fatty acids have a double effect on olive oil. Firstly, the unsaturated omega three fatty acids strengthen your health and your immune system. On the other hand, olive oil also has specific antifungal properties and in this way also tackles the candidagist directly.

The big advantage of olive oil is that you can also consume it more generously, in contrast to coconut oil where you really have to limit the intake to a spoon or two .

Olive oil is full of polyphenols that also have a fungicidal effect.

And it does not necessarily have to be olive oil to enjoy the antifungal properties, you can also just eat olives!

Prevent fungal infection by strengthening your intestinal flora
In addition, it is important that you help your own healthy gut bacteria, because the more good bacteria you have, the more difficult it is for the Candidagist to multiply.

The best way to strengthen your own intestinal flora is to take food with the so-called living cultures, the probiotics.

These are mainly bacteria of the lactobacillus acidophilus strain . These bacteria are important for good bowel function, these bacteria also ensure that the candidagist does not get the upper hand, the more acidophilus bacteria the less there is place for candida!

Organic yogurt

A very good source of good bacteria is low-fat organic yoghurt. Because yogurt is made on the basis of fermentation and at a relatively low temperature it is full of live bacteria.


Especially if you are not a big yogurt eater then a cup of Kefir is a good alternative. Kefir is also full of probiotics and it drinks much easier. The taste is also less strong than that of buttermilk.


A glass of old-fashioned buttermilk also contains enough living cultures to promote your intestinal flora.

Green Smoothies (Be careful with too much fruit)

For those who really like the fermented milk products to attack the taste buds, there is also something like drinking a green smoothie to give your resistance a boost! If you suffer from a candida infection that is quite an attack on your body, especially then it is important to get enough important nutrients.

Think of a green smoothie largely based on vegetables! So not too much fruit!

Preventing Candida infection by removing the fuel for the fungus
Another tactic is to avoid what serves as fuel for the candidagist. A Candidagist can only really thrive on sugar.

On the other hand, we can also get our nutrients from fats, proteins and more complex carbohydrates.

So you can let the candidagist starve. The beauty of this diet is that it is not only bad for the candidagist, it is also the right diet for your health.

Eat less sugar

It is with the saturated and trans fats the reason we have so many health problems, we eat too many sugars. So much so that we disrupt the normal healthy relationships of the intestinal flora.

And the strange thing is, the more unnatural the sugar the better the thrushagist thrives and the worse it is a good fuel for the human body.

Often it is the hidden sugars that ensure that you ingest too many sugars. Nobody would sprinkle a few large spoonfuls of sugar over the chicken leg, you just do not.

Yet this is what you eat when you do those tasty sauces with the chicken.

Especially the fear of fat and so mayonnaise is another reason to do other sauces over the chicken. To be very short it is all full of sugar! Also the ketchup! So leave all those sauces on the left.

The same applies to ALL processed foods, do you think that your beef sausage contains only raw beef? Not, therefore, to please your candidagist, there is dextrose even in the oxeye sausage , how unnatural do you want it to be?

Of course you can recognize sugar by the terms sugar, syrup or syrup, but the food industry knows that the consumer keeps an eye on the ingredient lists. Because the manufacturers are obliged to put on the labels what is in the product, the manufacturers try to mislead you by describing artificial sugars with difficult words in the hope that you do not recognize them

Specific tips against vaginal yeast infection

About three quarters of the women have ever had a vaginal yeast infection in her life. That is almost impossible because everyone carries the candidagist and everyone suffers from reduced resistance.

Another common cause of a fungal infection is that the acidity of the vagina gets disturbed, this can be done by using soap when washing the vagina, but sex can also be a cause of a disturbance of the acidity.

There are a number of natural tips that you can apply specifically in addition to the above general tips if you suffer from a vaginal yeast infection.

Do not use soap

Soap disrupts the natural balance of the vagina. So even though it may sound strange, your vaginal hygiene benefits if you do not use soap, but instead it only washes lukewarm water. In this way the acid barrier will remain or in case of a vaginal fungal infection the acidity will be in balance sooner.

Tea tree oil

Research has shown that the antibacterial and fungicidal effect of tea tree oil is also visible at the cellular level. In ordinary Dutch, tea tree oil damages the cell walls of the candida albicans yeast.

The advantage of tea tree oil is that it does not affect acidity.

It may in rare cases occur that you are allergic to tea tree oil, so before you use your tea tree oil you first have to test this. You can test this easily by applying a little tea tree oil to the skin.

By placing one or two drops of tea tree oil on a tampon, you can safely and more importantly dose the tea tree oil.

Vaginal probiotic capsules

Because you want the vaginal fungal infection to have the probiotics in your vagina that will kill the candidas fungus, but you do not want any other things in your vagina that can affect the acidity or perhaps provide extra bacteria, I advise you to use probiotic capsules. instead of yogurt.

Sometimes capsules are simply better, a vaginal fungal infection is such a situation.

Specific tips against male fungal infection
In addition to the coconut oil and tea tree oil, which also work well for men with a fungal infection, you can use a little griller as a man because you have to worry less about acidity.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide kills the fungal infection. Of course you have to be careful with this stuff and it should be a maximum of 3% strong. Apply a maximum of three times a day with a cotton swab and then pull it well.

Specific tips against skin rash

You can apply all of the above tips equally well in case of a fungal infection on the skin. An extra reason that you get a fungal infection in certain places on your skin is because it is extra warm and moist at those places , so under your arms or breasts, between your legs and in your buttock or your navel are all of those places on your skin where it can be extra sweltering.

Cotton underwear

In addition to all candida killing ointments, it is therefore important that you let the irritated areas ventilate as much as possible. A good tip is to wear cotton underwear instead of synthetic fabrics.


In the first place, you should try to support your body as much as possible by not opposing it with alcohol, cigarettes, trans fats and sugar. In addition, it is important that you ensure that you are not exposed to stress too much.