Natural breast augmentation through creative visualization

Creative visualization could well be one of the best alternatives for expensive breast surgery. During a scientific study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 35 women had to follow a hypnosis session for 12 weeks. The participating women had to imagine that warm water flowed over their breasts and that they started to swell under the heat of a heat lamp. The sessions were recorded and the women had to listen to it every day. After 12 weeks, natural breast augmentation could be measured in 84% of women; 46% even had to buy a larger bra. The increase in breast size was not related to weight changes and / or the monthly periods.

The well-known Doctor Love has also done research on this. The participants had to lie down relaxed and imagine that their breasts were growing. After they had done this every day for twelve weeks, half of the participants had to buy a bigger bra. Their mind was so powerful enough to trigger the hormonal changes that are necessary for natural breast enlargement. Women who were skeptical about the possibilities of creative visualization turned out to have the worst results.

How it works

Creative visualization works because your brain can not distinguish the difference between what you imagine and what really happens. That is why it responds to the images you create as if it were real.

You probably already heard about phantom limbs. Phantom or phantom limbs are amputated arms or legs that the patient still feels. Doctor VS Ramachandran, responsible for the neuroscience department at the University of San Diego, has devised a method of creative visualization to deceive the patient’s brain. He placed mirrors in such a way that the patient saw himself with two healthy arms. The mind was indeed kicked and the pain disappeared.

Exercise for nicer breasts

Find a quiet place where you can relax for five minutes. Imagine that there is a hot, wet towel on your breasts. Try to imagine as vividly as possible that your breasts under the towel become larger. Do this daily and maybe after 12 weeks you will have to buy a bigger bra.

If you are not sure enough to do this exercise on your own, you can still buy a hypnosis CD that is intended for natural breast enlargement.

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