The growth and maintenance of the beard

The beard, Often occurring in men, but also a single woman can develop a light to heavy beard growth. The beard is the name for hair on the chin, upper lip and on the cheeks.

Sex characteristics

The beard is part of the secondary sex characteristics in the male. This means that you can see a beard growth whether it is a man or a woman: a man has beard growth. The beard grows on the cheeks, the upper lip and on the chin. When the man shaves his beard and leaves only the hair on his upper lip, one speaks of a mustache. However, the mustache is part of the beard.


One of the sex hormones is testosterone, a hormone that occurs in both men and women. This hormone has the supremacy in men and regulates, among other things, beard growth. During puberty, these hormones develop, which also starts the first beard growth. The first hairs are downy hairs, these are soft hairs. This can be compared to baby hair: this is also very soft in the beginning. When the hair grows, it becomes harder and firmer.

When the woman develops a beard growth, this is caused by a disruption of sex hormones, especially in and after menopause. Every woman also has testosterone but this is suppressed. When there is a disruption, testosterone will gain the upper hand, causing beard growth. For a woman, this is very annoying. Usually she will shave the hair at home, epilation, bleaching, waxing etc. However, this is all but temporary, the hair will come back again and again. In order to get rid of it permanently, you will have to undergo laser treatment, possibly combined with drugs that have to reduce the testosterone.

Care of the beard

Anyone who does nothing to maintain his beard will see that it continues to grow to a certain point. One man gets a long beard, the other does not go beyond a few centimeters. This is genetically determined, has to do with the life of each hair and also with the human race. Indians, for example, barely get a beard growth, whereas the European varieties have a strong beard growth.

Most men shave their beards. This can be done with a shaver or with a razor blade. Use a razor blade in combination with shaving foam that you apply to wet skin. Preferably shave immediately after showering, because the hairs are softer and the pores are open. This makes shaving easier. Always shave in the direction of beard growth, this will prevent you from getting shaving. Finally, it is still possible to shave lightly against the beard growth direction. Do this carefully. Rinse the skin well with lukewarm water if you have used shaving foam. With a shaver, the principle of shaving is the same, but of course you do not use shaving foam.

Shaving with a shaver is called dry shaving with razor blades hot wet shaving.

Cut the beard

It is best to trim your beard with a beard trimmer. Usually it also has various comb attachments that allow you to determine the length yourself. If you really want to grow your beard for a long time, you will no longer have a beard trimmer. Then cut the points regularly with sharp scissors, making the beard look fuller. Comb the beard completely with a coarse comb and moisten it. Cut the points nicely evenly. Comb in the middle of the beard tightly. In the beginning, cut a small piece and assess the result first.


In the past there were many barbers: they were busy shaving or cutting the beard. Nowadays you do not see them much anymore. But also a hairdresser often cuts or trims beards. First ask for it. Not every hairdresser wants to do this.

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